About Us

Our story began with two hardworking individuals hoping to make a difference to the standard of artisanal baked goods in Brisbane. Over the past 5 years, we’ve grown into a dedicated team of like-minded bakers and pastry chefs, kitchen hands, drivers, retail assistants and collectively all-round awesome humans who are equally passionate about creating the highest quality sourdough breads and pastries.

We operate with the highest quality standards and source ingredients with integrity. Ingredients that are sustainable, organic and local. Our passion for producing the highest quality product is matched only by our passion for our community. We support local suppliers, producers, charities and small businesses because we’re all connected, and our community has been at the heart of our business since its inception.

We limit our environmental footprint, using a closed loop recycling system with a local farm for our food waste. Ultimately, our products are for shared enjoyment, for bringing friends and family together and from our extended family to yours, we hope you enjoy our contribution to the community of Brisbane food lovers.

Sprout Artisan Bakery Team.